Everything is just fuck up.

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I don’t have a problem with being by myself.
You can do whatever you want and have fun, but don’t ignore me in the process.

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I’m always going to make my significant other feel wanted.
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I feel like i have to rebuild myself.
start from scratch.

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Anonymous asked: *Hugs* your worth so much lovely

thank you.

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I’m keeping my distance, now.

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You say that you love me but

You’d rather be around everyone else except for me.

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indecisive-waistline asked: have you ever wanted to hate someone so badly, but you try not to because you don't want them to have that type of power over you?


Yes. The two people who bullied me in middle school. But you know what? I am in control of whether I love or hate, and I chose to LOVE. Because there is a reason, a reason that they act the way they do. Things in their life happened.

And honestly, it feels a lot better to love rather than hate.

All my love and support,

~Ash ^.^

It’s so hard not to give in, tho.

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I cried for two hours straight.
a world fucking record…

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You say you want to be here, but I feel like I already lost you.

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